Football Betting Tips

Football is by far the most popular sport in Nigeria, and betting on the sport is nearly as popular as watching and playing it. Nigerians reportedly spend more than 2 billion Naira every single day on sports wagers, and the overwhelming majority of these bets are on football matches.

Whether you are new to the idea of betting on football, or you have been wagering on sports for awhile now, it is always beneficial to consider football betting tips before placing your bets.

The best way to become proficient at making profitable bets is to simply practice, but there are also a few strategies that you can follow to improve your chances of placing winning bets.

  1. Remember that you won’t always win.

    Of course, the aim of any bet you place is to turn a profit, and you should always make informed bets that will give you the best odds of winning. However, you should remember that nobody wins every time, and you should prepare yourself for the possibility that you could go on a losing streak just as easily as a winning one.

    As with all types of gambling, there will be both high and low swings, so you should make sure that your betting bankroll is able to handle these swings. Keeping in mind that you will lose sometimes will help you make responsible choices with your bets, and it will also help to keep you on track when you win.

  2. Constantly check all of the popular sports betting sites.

    Some articles will recommend that you find one sportsbook that you trust and stick with it, but this strategy means that you could be missing out on potentially lucrative bets from other sites.

    While you should make sure that the online betting site that you choose is reputable and trustworthy, there are plenty of great sites that Nigerians can create accounts with. Don’t be afraid to spread your bets out across a few different reputable sites. You will often find that these sites offer slightly different odds and betting incentives.

    When there are big football matches on, it can be especially profitable to keep an eye on the most popular sportsbooks because spreads may change and live bets can crop up.

  3. Don’t let your love of football cloud your judgment.

    Believe it or not, your love of the game can sometimes be a hindrance to your betting strategy. The more passionate you are about football, the more likely you are to have biases for and against certain teams and players. These biases can make watching a game more fun, but they can also keep you from making impartial decisions if you aren’t careful.

    It is helpful to know stats and basic information about leagues and players, but you should make sure that any information you use to help you make bets is factual and not based on personal preferences.

  4. Look for small wins to gain an edge.

    Everyone wants to be the person who strikes it rich with a long-shot bet because these are the stories that get printed in papers and shared at pubs. However, not only are these types of wins extremely uncommon, but they aren’t actually any better for making you a profitable bettor in the long run.

    Instead of hoping that you’ll be the one to make a big, profitable bet, you should focus most of your energy into cultivating small, consistent wins.

    Treat your football betting hobby as a long-term investment rather than a “flash in the pan” game. If you’re able to make small, sure bets, you’ll see that this is the best way to not only pad your bankroll but give you a significant amount of profit on top of that.

    Small wins may not be as exciting or flashy, but they are the best way to be a winning player.

  5. Start paying attention to football news and stats.

    If you don’t already keep up with the news and stats for the football teams you’re betting on, this is the first thing you should start doing. Well-organized data is your secret weapon when it comes to placing profitable football bets.

    You should not only read about technical things like player stats, injuries and win-loss records, but you should also make a point to browse the news headlines as well. Being able to understand less tangible things like team dynamics, coach relationships and overall team morale can also give you an edge when placing bets because you will be able to more accurately predict how well a team will play under the given circumstances.

    Start by creating a simple set of spreadsheets for the technical data you want to keep track of for specific teams and players. This will help you tremendously when you’re placing online football bets, and it will also ensure that you are making well-informed decisions.

  6. Track your own win-loss record.

    Tracking your own stats is just as important as maintaining information about teams and players. It’s natural for everyone to remember wins more vividly and be dismissive of losses, but this natural bias needs to be accounted for if you want to be a successful bettor.

    In this same vein, you may not feel like you’re making progress if you’re sticking to a “small wins” strategy, and this can lead to impulsive decisions and bad wagers.

    Keep a spreadsheet that simply tracks your wins and losses. You can use a free program that allows you to input a formula for tracking, and you can even view your progress over time in the form of a graph. Having a visual representation of your wins and losses can show you where you need to improve and where you are already performing well.

Make Your Football Bets More Profitable Right Away

While becoming profitable at football betting is ultimately something that takes a bit of time and patience, the tips listed above are all small and simple changes that you can make right away. The more consistently you follow these strategies, the faster you will see returns on your football bets.


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