Betting Tips

Sports betting is one of the most popular forms of gambling for Nigerians, and this means that there is a huge industry surrounding all aspects of sports betting both online and offline.

There are dozens of online bookmakers and hundreds of websites that boast “the best” betting tips for every sport imaginable. Because football is the most popular sport to bet on in Nigeria, sites that are specifically tailored to the Nigerian gambling market will often be centered around how to make the best football bets.

If you’re new to sports betting, it can be completely overwhelming to try to sort through all of the tips and predictions that are available for football betting. Even if you are a more experienced bettor, it is common to feel some confusion or frustration if you’re seeking out the best betting tips for Nigerian markets.

This article will help beginners and veterans alike understand a bit more about the concept of betting tips as a whole in the hopes of clearing up some confusion. The information in this post will help bettors make the best possible choices when it comes to deciding on which betting tips to follow and which to discard.

How Betting Tips Work in Sports Betting

In essence, betting tips are various types of information that are intended to help sports bettors make the best, most profitable wagers possible on the matches of their choosing.

Betting tips generally fall into two simple categories: tips for improving your skills and tips for making profitable bets. While they serve very different purposes, both types of tips are important tools for anyone hoping to be a winning bettor.

Any punter of any skill level can utilize betting tips. Even those who choose to make their own bet prediction models can benefit from perusing popular betting tip websites to compare their results and gather more data.

1. Skill Improvement Tips

These are usually presented as numbered lists and can range from just a few quick ideas to very in-depth and detailed strategies. Beginners can typically derive a lot of benefit from taking a bit of time each week to read through these types of articles so that they can get a better idea of what steps to take to become more skillful bettors.

Reading long or complicated strategy articles can be difficult, so many new players prefer to browse through longer lists with less explanation at first. After a few similar articles, it is common to notice patterns or repetitive ideas, and these are often considered to be the best strategies to start with.

Bettors with a little more experience or a better grasp of sports betting mechanics are generally the ones who can benefit most from the more focused and complex strategy articles.

2. Improved Wagering Tips

If you do a basic internet search for sports betting tips, this is the main category that you will find. This is because these types of betting tips are wildly popular among sports bettors across the globe. Nobody wants to lose money, even if they’re just playing for fun, so there are an overwhelming number of websites that are solely devoted to offering tips on predicting the winning bets for every sporting event possible.

Most of these betting tip websites will simply give players predictions on which bets are believed to be most profitable. However, there are some that will also outline how to develop the necessary skills to be able to analyze bets for yourself to determine whether or not you believe they will be profitable.

There is value to both of these kinds of betting tips, and players who are serious about their sports bets will most likely find that they will learn the most by reading a broad variety of betting tips.

How to Decide Which Tips to Use and Which to Ignore

There are countless websites that claim to offer the best betting tips, and this means that punters have to choose which tips to stake on and which to be wary of.

Those who offer free or paid advice regarding which bets to make are generally referred to as “tipsters.” These people may sometimes have specialized information regarding the bets because they work in the industry, but most often these tipsters are just normal people who have developed highly specific bet prediction models that offer a high rate of success.

There is no 100 percent foolproof way to tell if a tip is going to pan out or not. No bet prediction model is correct every time, and even the most reliable tipsters can make mistakes. This is one reason that a lot of experts say that serious sports betting fans should learn how to develop their own bet prediction models.

However, there are a few things that bettors can consider to be red flags when it comes to deciding on which bet prediction websites to trust and which to pass over. Below are the biggest issues that should make bettors wary whenever they are considering which tips to follow.

  1. Spotty Bet Prediction History

    If the website is missing predictions for certain dates or matches, this likely means they were wrong and could have been removed. Skilled bet predictors know that they will be wrong sometimes, and they will leave a transparent record of their past predictions for players to see.

    In this same vein, bet prediction services with less than a year’s worth of positive history should be vetted before placing your trust in them. There are third parties who can verify the track record of these sites, so it can be helpful to look for this verification.

  2. Subscription Fee Requirements

    Websites that ask you to pay a hefty subscription fee before you can access their content are often not the best place to start. Some people don’t mind paying for subscriptions, and this is not an automatic cause for dismissal, but players should understand that the tips are not necessarily better quality just because they cost money.

    Studies on the subject have repeatedly shown that it is very rare for punters to profit from paying for betting tips. In fact, it is unfortunately common for those who use paid betting tips to actually lose money overall in the long run.

  3. Unprofessional or Amateur Advice

    It is all too easy for someone to set up a website and claim to be knowledgeable about bet prediction or giving sports betting advice. Many amateurs can say all the right things to make new or inexperienced players think that they are offering sound and lucrative advice when they are actually only helping these players to lose money.

    Professional, reputable bet prediction sites will offer detailed analysis that shows a breadth and depth of knowledge regarding both the sport and the concept of placing bets as well. If the person offering betting advice cannot articulate the reasoning behind his or her picks in a logical and reasonable manner, it is probably not worth your time to continue reading that site.

  4. Affiliations with Online Bookmaking Websites

    In the same way that businesses must clearly disclose partnerships with advertisers or other businesses, betting tip websites should also clearly state if they have affiliate relationships with online bookmakers. While this does not have to mean that the bet predictions they post are flawed or unusable, sites that are making money by partnering with online bookies should be used with caution.

A Brief Overview of Sports Betting Tips For Beginners

The number one way for punters to be able to discern between good tips and bad ones is to read, research and practice.

Betting tips are never a guarantee, and any tip website that guarantees winnings or makes big promises about profitability should be immediately dismissed as a waste of time and money.

It is also common for new sports bettors to place too much confidence in the predictions of other people. This is especially true when you see testimonials from people who have won money by following tips from this or that tip website. Sports bettors of all skill levels should remember that things like confirmation bias and overconfidence bias can creep in to cloud their judgment.

While it can be wise to look to people who have a deeper knowledge of the fine points of sports betting, it is always important to do your own work and perform your own analyses before committing to a particular bet.


Betting tips and wagering predictions have been around as long as sports betting itself. As long as there are people wagering on sporting events, there will be tipsters hoping to profit by providing information to other bettors who are trying to strike it rich.

Becoming truly profitable at sports betting is a long and patient process, so the best betting advice for anyone who is serious about getting better at making good wagers is to read the tips, learn from them and then formulate your own opinions about the right bets to make.


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